Plato's Republic NotesThrasymachus view of Justice

Plato's Republic NotesThrasymachus view of Justice -...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/14/09 Plato’s Republic Notes: Thrasymachus’ view of Justice What is Thrasymachus’ view of Justice?-Might is right, the idea that justice is irrelevant and the thing that matters is the “interest of the stronger”, the strong are the ones that are right and just, not the weak. (people in power)-rulers can pass bad laws, that do not serve the interest of the ruler, a ruler may receive a wage to rule, but his chief purpose is ruling-a physician considers the good of the patient and is ruler of the body, Thrasymachus says that ruler considers or seeks personal gain ,but Socrates argues that rulers attend to the welfare of the people-he (Thrasymachus) replies rulers tend to their flock, justice serves the interest of the ruler at expense of weaker, the unjust dominate the just-just people refuse to break laws, they are weak because they are afraid of the punishment they will face-The just person will perform their work out of good, not out of any benefit such as greed, they are therefore more knowledgeable, arts/skills are ways of organizing the world, herding a cow as a cowboy...
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