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Plato's Republic-Justice

Plato's Republic-Justice - -A good keeper of anything is...

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Plato’s Republic Notes - “Telling the truth and paying your debts”, would you give a debt that injures someone, i.e. sword to crazy person, if they own it, no - Socrates “justice is doing good to your friends and harm to your enemies” - How is a just person better than a builder or harp-player, because the builder is more beneficial as a friend than a jsut person - He answers in a moeny partnership, socrates answers but wouldn’t a person who knows horses be a better advisor? Yes. - So what is the use of money when a business partner is preferrable. To keep it safe. So when money is not being used? Yes. - If you want to keep a fish hook safe, justice is useful, but if you want to use it, a fishman is useful - “justice is useful when things are useless, but now when they are being used”, justice is not worth much, it only deals with useless things - A good camp guard is also the one who discovers enemy plans and deters attacks, or a disease protector is best able to spread wihout being detected
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Unformatted text preview: --A good keeper of anything is also a good thief, if a just person is good at keeping something, they are also good at stealing it-Justice is the art of theft for doing good to friends and harm to enemies New Argument: Enemies-Good can turn out to be evil and enemies may be friends, so then they will be doing “justice” by doing good to evil and evil to good people-“good to our friends when they are good and harm to enemies when they are evil”, because good people can do evil things-“should just people harm anyone at all?”, do good to people when they are good and evil to evil people when they are unjust-Harming other is not goodness, so to harm others is being unjust, therefore you are not just, even if it means “bringing harm to your enemies”-How much evil is enough for enemies?-Is doing evil just?-To cause harm = evil, just person = good, so to injure someone is an act of evil, so you are not just...
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Plato's Republic-Justice - -A good keeper of anything is...

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