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Plato's Republic-The Guardians

Plato's Republic-The Guardians - -Plato says that in their...

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10/01/09 -Plato says that in their society, children should not fear death, doing so would create soldiers not afraid of death -“Remember that a good person would not consider another good person’s death terrible” Therefore “such a person would not grieve for a departed friend, thinking something terrible has happened” “that kind of person is self-sufficient and does not need other people to be happy”, they will be strong, -so their soldiers should not be sad or mournful of a person dying, or complain of the slightest difficulty -excessive laughter will also cause violent excessive emotions, so gods as idols should not be represented by mournfulness or excessive laughter Only rulers should be able to lie not the common man for the good of the republic, but citizens will be punished for lying -moderation should be a virture, should not be excessive with food, drink, or pleasure, nor greed some
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