Virtue Ethics - -The law in her majestic equality prohibits...

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Virtue Ethics Virtue/Ancient Not: Should I do this, but am I the kind of the person who does this? Who are you and who do you want to be? Virtue or Excellence Greek 101.07 Arete = virtue Aristos- best Aristocracy = rule of the best Functionalism Axes are for chopping A good/virtuous axe is an axe that chops well and as an axe is able to chop in vityue of iy being sharp therefore sharpness is an axe’s virtue Justice is human virtue a) Humans have some function b) B) One excels at that purpose by being just An excellence axe chops well -Sharpness is a virtue -but an axe does not have to be sharp morally An excellent human is successful morallly -courage is a virtue -but one who performs the couragous act, morally/coourageously -The function of a human is therefore intrinsically amd hence our virtue is being virtous or just -Self-denial is not the point of good or virtue Kalos = good, the good is the beautiful rf noble or good -Aristotle says if you are ugly and poor you are bad but not your fault
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Unformatted text preview: -The law in her majestic equality prohibits both the rich and poor from sleeping under bridges-The wrong action is ugly and you should try to be beautiful Justice Ancient (they think in larger sense), right thing to do, greediness, relation btw individuals vs. Contemporary- legal rights property rights,in broader sense about the right content, difference between what si right to do and what the law alows you to do ( we tend to think in the narrower sense, relation btw individual and state), doing the wrong thing “Justice is the virtue of the Soul” “Justice is the Virtue of the city”-What it is to be a person-harmonious relation between parts of the spoul What it is to be a poleis-Harmonious relaiton between part of a city How the two go together -One’s duty is how one flourishes, it is not just that one is part of society to do well, impossible is cheating, cannot cheat and get more than you deserve, decreases your humanity and beauty...
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Virtue Ethics - -The law in her majestic equality prohibits...

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