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Study Guide Test 2 - Study Guide: Chapters 3.5-5 READ THIS...

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Study Guide: Chapters 3.5-5 READ THIS FIRST: This test is needed to assign midterm grades for 1 st semester students. YOU MUST make sure that you adequately Identify yourself so that the accurate grade is assigned. This means 1. You fill in your VT ID# on BOTH the scantron and test form (this is the most important-“missing” people will likely drop entire grades!)-the scantron people go only by ID number (not name) so there is no easy way to find a mistake UNLESS you label everything completely 2. You bubble the test form on the scantron (again-a missing or wrong form will have very low grades) 3. You turn in the test packet with the correct answers clearly circled (and no stray marks). That way-if the scantrons had an labeling error, I can cross check- a. NO marks on a test is like a mislabeled form-much likely to get a false/very low grade initially since I have to assume the scantron was correct! 4. If this is your first semester here at Tech (true freshman or transfer student) then I need to assign a midterm grade. You need to indicate this on your scantron and test form (instructions on the board) DO NOT LEAVE THE TEST UNLESS A TA CHECKS OFF THAT YOU HAVE ENTERED EVERYTHING CORRECTLY. FORMAT: This test is 33 questions multiple choice. The “front pages” (instructions, equations, constants, etc.) are going to be posted in a separate “koofer” file. There are a few pointers I wish to give for any multiple choice test 1.) Make sure to circle one answer per question. Even if it is a wild guess, if you guess right-you get full credit. Blanks are wrong 2.) Go with your first instinct, it is usually right. 3.) If you really must guess, it is statistically much, much better to eliminate one wrong answer (an answer may look wrong, and against your instinct.) The percentages go way up ( a letter grade) if you can eliminate even 1 wrong answer 4.) The best way to do the test of course is to pick the exact correct answer. I recommend going through the entire test once, picking out the correct answers you see to get your confidence up, and then going back to the other questions 5.) Remember-multiple choice math is designed to be pretty easy (can be done with a few keystrokes on a calculator). If you find you are making any math complicated or is taking a very long time, you are probably doing something wrong! 6.) I will make sure to emphasize key words (bold, underlined, italics). This should indicate that you should pay particular attention to these words (if needed, I will provide clarification in parentheses after the question) 7.) Remember, I will never try to trick you. If there is a number in the question, you will need to use it.
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8.) On the front/back of the test will be useful information-equations, some needed tables, constants, etc. Make sure to look at these helpful values! I always assume 3 points per problem, and that you should be spending about 1 minute
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Study Guide Test 2 - Study Guide: Chapters 3.5-5 READ THIS...

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