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PHYS 2305 CHANG: Quiz 7, Spring 2009 Name (print)___________________ KEY ____________________________ I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this quiz. Pledge ______________________________________________ Instructions : Show your work to receive credit , and present your answers with 3 significant figures and proper units . F θ A B 0.8 m 0.6 m 1. Starting from rest, the 2 Kg collar slides up the smooth vertical rod from A to B as the constant force F = 50 N with angle θ = 30˚ is pulling it as shown. The collar is attached to a spring ( k = 150 N/m) that has an unstretched length of 1.2 m. Find the velocity of the collar just before it hits B . υ B = _________ 4.82 m/s ___________ 30° h F μ k = 0.25 2. The 5 Kg block has an initial velocity of 3 m/s at the bottom of the ramp and it slides up the ramp with a constant applied horizontal force F = 20 N as shown. Find the
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Unformatted text preview: maximum height h that the block can reach on the ramp. h = ________ 0.555 m ___________ 3. A 3 Kg package is released on a 60˚ incline, 5 m from a spring ( k = 200 N/m) that is attached at the bottom of the incline. If the coefficient of friction is μ k = 0.3 between the package and the incline, find the maximum compression of the spring. μ k = 0.3 60˚ 5 m x max = ________ 1.14 m _________ 4. Two blocks A and B ( m A = 5 Kg, m B = 8 Kg) are connected by a cable and block A is attached to a spring ( k = 500 N/m) that is initially not stretched. The system is released with an initial speed of 2 m/s as shown, and the spring is observed to have a maximum stretch of 0.45 m. Find the coefficient of friction μ k between block A the tabletop. A B 2 m/s 2 m/s k k = _________ 0.483 ___________...
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