Quiz8_key - μ k on the rough section 0.351 R d μ k 2 A 0.15 Kg hockey puck is struck by the stick and the velocities before and after impact are

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PHYS 2305 CHANG: Quiz 8, Spring 2009 Name (print)_______________________ KEY ________________________ I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this quiz. Pledge ______________________________________________ Instructions : Show your work to receive credit , and present your answers with 3 significant figures and proper units . 1. The small glider ( m = 2 Kg) is held at rest against the spring ( k = 1500 N/m) as shown, and the glider is released and then slides along the track. The track is frictionless except for a horizontal rough section with length d = 0.8 m, and the radius of the vertical circular loop is R = 0.5 m. If the minimum initial compression in the spring is x min = 0.2 m required for the glider to complete the loop, find the coefficient of friction
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Unformatted text preview: μ k on the rough section. _________ 0.351 ___________ R d, μ k 2. A 0.15 Kg hockey puck is struck by the stick, and the velocities before and after impact are shown in the figure. If the puck is in contact with the stick for 6 ms, find the x-components of the average impact force by the stick on the puck. x y υ 1 = 10 m/s 2 = 20 m/s 20 ° 55 ° _________ 51.9 N __________ 3. Two spheres A ( m A = 4 Kg) and B ( m B = 6 Kg) are traveling toward each other as shown in the figure. (a) If the two spheres make an elastic collision, find the change of momentum of sphere A . _______ − 38.4 Kg·m/s _________ A B 6 m/s 2 m/s (b) If the two spheres stick together after the collision, find the percent energy loss. _______ 91.4 % _________...
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