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PHYS 2305 CHANG: Quiz 9, Spring 2009 Name (print)_______________________ KEY ________________________ I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this quiz. Pledge ______________________________________________ Instructions : Show your work to receive credit , and present your answers with 3 significant figures and proper units . A B R R υ 0 1. A 75g bullet with velocity 600 m/s is fired at the stationary 3 Kg block as shown. The bullet emerges from the block with a reduced exit velocity and the impact sends the block sliding up the incline. The block eventually stops at the top of the ramp as shown. If the coefficient of friction is μ k = 0.25 between the block and the surface, find the exit velocity of the bullet. ______ 242 m/s ________ 2. The frictionless track is made of a straight horizontal section and a quarter- circle with radius R = 8 m. A 0.6 Kg lump of putty is thrown toward the
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Unformatted text preview: stationary 1.4 Kg block, and the block starts to slide with the putty stuck on it after the collision. If the normal force acting on the block/putty from the track is 20 N at point B , find the initial speed of the putty. = _______ 51.3 m/s __________ 3. The frictionless track is made of a vertical section of length 0.8 R , a quarter-circle with radius R , and a horizontal piece as shown. Released from rest at the top of the track (point A ), the smaller block 1 ( m 1 = M ) slides down and makes an elastic collision with the stationary larger block 2 ( m 2 = 4 M ) at the bottom of the track (point B ). As the smaller block slides back up along the track after the collision, it reaches the highest point C. Find the angle that locates point C on the track. 30 k 5 m 2 m k O R A B 1 2 0.8 R C = _______ 69.4 __________...
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