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TEST 3 Practice Problems 1. A 3 Kg particle moving with an initial velocity of 10 m/s in the + x direction suddenly explodes and breaks into two pieces. The 1 Kg fragment is observed to travel in the + y direction with a speed of 6 m/s. Calculate the energy generated during the explosion. Ans : 102 J 60° υ 0 L 2. A sphere ( m = 0.8 Kg) tied to a string ( L = 2 m) is held at θ = 60° position shown and then given an initial speed υ 0 = 10 m/s to start the circular motion. Find the tension in the string when the sphere is at the top of the loop. Ans : 8.64 N 3. Two blocks A ( m A = 5 Kg) and B ( m B = 8 Kg) are connected by a cable over a pulley, and the spring ( k = 200 N/m) attached to block B is initially unstretched. The blocks are released with an initial speed υ B 0 = 4 m/s as shown, and the spring is observed to have a maximum stretch of 0.75 m. Find the coefficient of friction
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Unformatted text preview: μ k on the ramp. Use cos36.87° = 0.8 and sin36.87° = 0.6. 36.87 μ k υ A υ Ans : 0.374 B 4. An 80g bullet with velocity 500 m/s is fired at the stationary 4 Kg block as shown. The bullet shoots through the block and the impact sends the block slide along the frictionless track ( R = 0.8 m). If the normal force acting from the track on the block is 120 N when it reaches point C , find the exit velocity of the bullet. C R Ans : 185 m/s 5. The 2 Kg slider A is held at rest against the spring ( k = 900 N/m) as shown, compressing the spring by 0.4 m. It is released and slides down the 5 m long ramp. Friction is negligible along the track. Slider A then makes an elastic collision with the 3 Kg slider B that is initially at rest. Find the velocity of slider B right after the collision. 30 ° A B 5 m Ans : 8.8 m/s...
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