21 - Lecture#22 Recap of last lecture After the Harappan...

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5/20/2009 Lecture #22 Recap of last lecture: After the Harappan era, there was an abandonment of cities and societies reverted to simple society level Sites like Charsadda (in Pakistan) show that there was a continuity of culture and that there reemergence of cities by 500 BC was not contagious spread of urbanism from elsewhere Early historic period starts around 500 BC with major urban centers at sites such as Taxila, Ai Khanum, Mahasthangarh, Sisupalgarh Research at Sisupalgarh includes survey excavation Archeology of North America pp. 678-691 1. North America mega fauna start disappear around 10,000 yrs ago a. Humans came about 18,000 yrs ago in NA b. Holocene period=warmer and drier/more evident by this time c. Domestication of plants and animals 2. Important sites of simple society in north America a. Koster( seasonal sedentism 6500 BC) i. migration b. Watson Brake ( mound construction without agriculture 400BC) 3. Although human pop. In the Americas did not have any contact with complex societies in other parts of the world their actions followed the same patterns: a. Population growth +climate opportunity=stay put and grow food
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21 - Lecture#22 Recap of last lecture After the Harappan...

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