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Quiz 1 - Answer Key - BILD 3 Fall 2008 Professor C Wills...

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BILD 3 Fall 2008 Name: ___________________________ Professor C. Wills PID # : ___________________________ Section: Mon 9-9:50 AM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page | 1 QUIZ 1 Answer Key 1. Using graphical representation, summarize the relationship between population and resources that was presented in Thomas Malthus’ On Population . Briefly explain the influence of this Malthusian principle on Darwin’s theory of natural selection. You must label the axes and lines cle arly. (3 pts) ANSWER : (see graph on right) Malthusian principle states that population growth is exponential whereas resource growth is only arithmetic , which will lead to an eventual shortage and hence, struggle for existence. Because of this struggle, the environment will select for individuals (in a varied population) with heritable traits that will improve their ability to survive and reproduce compared to the rest. [Even if students draw the correct graph, they must still mention the words “ exponential ” and “ arithmetic ” to prove that they know what the functions are. One point for graph with labels, two points for coherent explanation of the connection between graph and natural selection.] 2. Why was the inheritance of acquired characteristics an incorrect mechanism to describe the process of
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Quiz 1 - Answer Key - BILD 3 Fall 2008 Professor C Wills...

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