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Chapter 9: Structuring System Data Requirements Multiple Choice Questions 1. Some systems developers believe that a data model is the most important part of the statement of information system requirements because: a. the characteristics of data captured during data modeling are crucial in the design of databases, programs, computer screens, and printed reports b. data rather than processes are the most complex aspects of many modern information systems and thus require a central role in structuring system requirements c. the characteristics about data are reasonably permanent d. all of the above Answer: d Difficulty: Med Reference: pp. 266-267 2. Which of the following is a true statement? a. Data characteristics are dynamic. b. A data model explains the transient form of an organization. c. An information system design based on a data orientation, rather than a process or logic orientation, should have a longer useful life. d. Data flow paths are permanent. Answer: c Difficulty: Med Reference: p. 267 3. During requirements structuring: a. an E-R model represents conceptual data requirements for a particular system b. the conceptual E-R data model is refined before it is translated into a logical format
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Test_Chapter_9_All_Questions_with_Answers - Chapter 9:...

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