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Chapters 1-4 Study Guide 6 Dimensions of Wellness 1) Physical Wellness 2) Emotional 3) Intellectual 4) Spiritual 5) Interpersonal/Social 6) Environmental/Planetary chronic disease- treatment A disease that develops and continues over a long period of time; usually caused by a variety of factors including lifestyle. Best treatment is prevention – people having a greater awareness about their own health and taking care of their bodies. infectious disease A disease that is communicable from one person to another; caused by invading microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. Vaccines and Antibiotics. 3 leading causes of death in US most leading cause of preventable death Smoking healthy People 2010 Increase quality and years of healthy life & Eliminate health disparities among Americans. self-efficacy The benefit in one’s ability to take action and perform a specific behavior. stages of change model 1. Precontemplation : No intention of changing behavior 2. Contemplation : Intending to take action within 6 months 3. Preparation : Planning to take action within 1 month 4. Action : Changing behavior (greatest time commitment) 5. Maintenance : Successful behavior change for 6 months or more 6. Termination / Adoption /Adaptation : Exit with no intentions of relapsing
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physical activity - - any body movement that requires energy and is carried out by the skeletal muscles. behavior change program 1. Monitor your target behavior and gather data using a health journal. 2. Analyze the data you collect and identify patterns relating to your target behavior. 3. Set realistic, specific goals. Break your overall goal into smaller steps and goals. 4. Devise a strategy or plan of action: Obtain information and supplies Modify your environment Reward yourself Involve the people around you Plan ahead for challenging situations 5. Make a personal contract Putting plan into action
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Healthe review 1 - Chapters 1-4 Study Guide 6 Dimensions of...

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