CIS Review - Application software - refers to programs that...

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Application software - refers to programs that enable the user to be productive when using the computer Horizontal Software – Software used by many different kinds of organizations, such as word processing or bookkeeping software. Vertical Software – Software created for a specific kind of business or organization, such as hospitals or retail stores. Custom Software - Application software designed for a company by a professional programmer  or programming team. Custom software is usually very expensive. Packaged Software –Ready-to-use software that is sold through mass-market channels and  contains features useful to the largest possible user base. Synonymous with off-the shelf software  and shrink-wrapped software. Packaged Software Types –  Web Technology - In application software, the capability to save files in a form that contains a  Web document's underlying HTML codes, greatly facilitating file conversion. System Requirements - The stated minimum system performance capabilities required to run an  application program, including the minimum amount of disk space, memory, and processor  capacity. Software:  Time-limited trial version - Internet offered commercial programs capable of being used on a trial  basis for a period of time, after which the software is unusable. Beta Version - In software testing, a preliminary version of a program that is widely distributed  before commercial release to users who test the program by operating it under realistic  conditions. Software License – An agreement included with most commercial software that stipulates what  the user may and may not do with the software. One time install. Site License - An agreement with a software publisher that allows multiple copies of the software 
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CIS Review - Application software - refers to programs that...

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