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HUM 204 B Autumn 2009 Syllabus

HUM 204 B Autumn 2009 Syllabus - HUM 204 MAJOR WORKS OF...

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HUM 204 MAJOR WORKS OF CLASSICAL MUSIC AUTUMN 2009 Course Description and Goals The aim of the Major Works of Classical Music course is to provide the tools for a basic understanding of music, especially Western classical music. The course concentrates on the development of an attentive style of listening, the introduction and enhancing awareness of the main musical styles of selected works. The history of music presents a close relationship with the history of art and social history. In this course, the historical progression and the movements of art history are examined in order to draw a parallel with the history of music. The influence that politics, social structure, religion and other factors had on music and other art forms will be considered. Accordingly, the elements of music, terminology, and the styles of selected works are discussed with their historical context. The course is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge concerning the history of classical music in general, including the major periods, forms, and styles. The course is not theory
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