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Syllabus 463 Fall 09

Syllabus 463 Fall 09 - Finance 463 International Finance...

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Finance 463: International Finance & Investment Fall 2009 Department of Finance Charles H. Lundquist College of Business University of Oregon Ali Emami Class Location: Lillis Hall 285 Office: Lillis Hall 425 Class Hours: 10:00-11:50, M&W e-mail [email protected] Office Hours: M & W: 8:45-9:45 M&W: 14:00-15:30 or by appointment: Phone: 346-3323 Course Subject and Objectives This course primarily focuses on firm’s financial decision making in international market environment. Main focus is on the theories and analytical techniques of currency exchange rates determination and impacts of exchange rates volatility on firm’s value. The specific objectives of this course are to learn the followings: International monetary systems, Foreign exchange markets. Theories of exchange rate determinations, Identifying main factors affecting exchange rates, Measuring firm’s risk exposures to exchange rates volatility, Risk and return for international investment and issues related to regional common currencies such as euro and Dollarization, The balance of payments and international economic linkages. Currency futures and options markets and foreign exchange rate risk management, Measuring and managing accounting, and economic exposure The cost of capital for foreign investment, International portfolio investment, and Capital budgeting for the multinational corporation. Required Textbook and Lecture Notes 1. Allan C. Shapiro. 2010. Multinational Financial Management , 9ed. John Willey & Sons, Inc. 3. Lecture Notes (LN): Lecture notes, articles and selected case studies are available at the following class web-sites: https://blackboard.uoregon.edu/ Extra lecture notes will be posted on the Blackboard (or will be emailed to you) if necessary. 1
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Course Format: The course will be presented to you in a traditional lecture format including face to face lectures, class-wide discussion, in class practices, and various online requirements. A copy of lecture notes and PowerPoint materials are available at the class web site (blackboard) under Course Documents . Due to the length of the class, there will be a five-minute break at roughly the halfway point. My request is that everyone does the best they can to prevent breaks from lasting much longer than that, and to get settled as quickly as possible once they are over. Exams: There will be three in class exams (maximum of one hour), in addition to the final exam. I will continue my lectures after each exam. The first exam will be given approximately Wednesday, October 21 st . The second exam will be given approximately Monday, November 9 th . The approximate date for the third exam is Wednesday, November 18 th . Depending on how we progress through the material during the term, it is possible that these dates could be adjusted.
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Syllabus 463 Fall 09 - Finance 463 International Finance...

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