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BE 325 --GLOBAL LEGAL AND SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS FALL 2009 Mark Phelps, J.D., M.B.A. Office: 434 Lillis Phone: 541-346-5107 or by appointment E-Mail: [email protected] Fax: 541-346-3341 Disabilities : If you have a documented disability and anticipate needing accommodations in this course, please make arrangements to meet with me soon. Please request that the Counselor for Students with Disabilities send a letter verifying your disability. Course Blackboard Site: (CRITICAL) You must be enrolled for this site. This is critical. Important course information and messages will be posted here. Scores and grades will likely be posted on this site. The syllabus and most class overheads are available here too. If you have problems, you should contact the Knight Library Blackboard administrator’s office. COURSE CONTENT AND OBJECTIVES LCB MISSION: Educate society’s future professional ethical business leaders. Three basic subject areas will be covered this term. First, we will lay the foundation for an understanding of business ethics and social responsibility, as well as legal systems and their role in society. Second, we will study several functional areas of the law that are important to businesses and individuals alike. Finally, selected topics in business regulation and consumer protection will be discussed. And, along the way we will also be working on critical thinking skills. Through this course of study students will be expected to become familiar with the U.S. legal system, its procedures and its basic substantive rules, as well as basic international law, in order to more fully understand legal issues that they will encounter in business, as private individuals and members of society. Our objective is that through this study of law you will be better prepared to make decisions in an uncertain world. “BEST PRACTICES” FOR MAXIMIZING LEARNING, SKILLS AND GRADES Hard work is a prerequisite for--but not a guarantee of--success. The standard for university classes always has been that one must spend 2 hours preparing for every hour in class to be successful. However, one must do the right tasks at the correct times to be effective and efficient. Work Smart! Perform the work tasks outlined below for each and every class. If your goals are to maximize your improvement in practical comprehension of business law and legal critical thinking skills, as well as your term grade, you must diligently do the following for the entire term—starting with the first class. THIS IS YOUR TERM JOB DESCRIPTION! For each class prepare by studying at least 2-3 hours the assigned materials to- Understand the chapters' "big picture" general societal purposes and basic implementing concepts by reviewing the objectives and issues stated in the syllabus, relevant class power point slides and the chapter introduction, summaries and recommended practice problems; and, Use the posted power point slides to identify the concepts likely to be discussed in class.
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