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NAME: ________________________________ EC370 – Winter 2009 HW2 Answer Sheet Write your answers to the multiple choice questions in the appropriate space using CAPITAL LETTERS. 1) 7) 13) 19) 2) 8) 14) 20) 3) 9) 15) 21) 4) 10) 16) 22) 5) 11) 17) 23) 6) 12) 18) 24) 25) Assume bonds A and B are identical in terms of risk and you are trying to determine which bond to purchase. If you hold until maturity and are only interested in purchasing
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Unformatted text preview: the bond with the highest return, which bond would you rather buy? 26) Report your findings for the yield to maturity for each bond (in percentage terms): YTM Bond A: _______% YTM Bond B: _______% 27) Are the results from the IRR function the same as those using the Goal Seek method? Circle one, kindergarten style: YES / NO 28) Chapter 5 #16...
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