VSC433 Exam 2 KEY[1]

VSC433 Exam 2 KEY[1] - VSC/MIC/MCB 433 Medical and...

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VSC/MIC/MCB 433 Medical and Molecular Virology Fall 2008 Exam Two Part 1. Multiple Choice: 2 points each. Enter your answers on the Scantron sheet. You can keep this part of the exam, so you may want to circle your answers on this too. Picornaviridae is characterized by a ____ genome. a. ssDNA b. dsDNA c. ssRNA d. dsRNA A monocyte gives rise to which cell types? a. Macrophage b. Mast cell c. Dendritic cell d. All of the above e. A and C Which positive strand RNA viruses are mosquito-borne? a. Calici and Hep E b. Toga and Flavi c. Picorna and Calici d. Corona and Flavi e. Toga and Astro IFN alpha and beta may be stimulated by the presence of ____ during picornavirus replication. a. polyprotein b. IRES c. VPG d. partial dsRNA e. uridylation Circularization of the nucleic acid must occur to make: a. positive RNA b. negative RNA c. subgenomic RNA d. a and b e. All of the above Which of the following does NOT cause chronic illness? a. Hepatitis A b. Hepatitis B
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c. Hepatitis C d. Hepatitis D e. None of the above Vector competence depends on: a. sufficient virus taken up in a blood meal b. virus replication in the vector c. transmission of the virus to a new host d. a and c only e. all of the above Where does a killed virus vaccine interfere in the picornavirus pathogenic pathway? a. oral/pharangeal to GI tract
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VSC433 Exam 2 KEY[1] - VSC/MIC/MCB 433 Medical and...

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