VSC433 Exam 3 F08 KEY - Name:_ VSC/MIC/MCB 433 Medical and...

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Name:_____________________ VSC/MIC/MCB 433 Medical and Molecular Virology Fall 2008, Exam Three Multiple Choice and True False: 15 questions– 30 :Points 1. As a group negative strand RNA viruses do not need to code for a protease because: A. The ribosome “frameshifts” to produce the viral POL proteins B. The viruses use cellular protease(s) to cleave polyproteins C. The genomes are segmented D. mRNA molecules are produced that code for each protein E. mRNAs are produced by splicing 2. The type of RNA virus that can contain both negative and positive polarity in the same strand of RNA is referred to as: A. Nested B. Ambisense C. mRNA D. Containing a pseudoknot E. Containing a hairpin structure 3. The Paramyxoviridae can produce multiple proteins from the P gene by: A. The use of nested mRNA molecules. B. Errors resulting from the RNA polymerase C. A start-stop mechanism of conserved intergenic regions. D. The synthesis of a polypeptide that is cleaved by a viral protease. E. The addition of non-templated nucleotides. 4. The Bornaviridae has the following mechanisms of expressing genetic information. A. Multiple protein synthesis AUG initiation codons within the same reading frame. B.
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VSC433 Exam 3 F08 KEY - Name:_ VSC/MIC/MCB 433 Medical and...

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