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ChE 313 - Summer 2006 – PS7 – Quiz Monday 6/19/06 1. The following vapor pressure data are available for ice and water. T ( ° F) P ° for water (psia) P ° for ice (psia) 30 0.0808 32 0.08854 0.08854 34 0.09603 Estimate the (a) heat of vaporization of water (b) the heat of sublimation of ice (c) heat of melting 2. The melting point of benzene is found to increase from 5.50 ° C to 5.78 ° C when the external pressure is increased by 100 atm. The heat of fusion of benzene is 30.48 cal/ g. What is the change of volume per gram accompanying the fusion of benzene? 3. At 125 ° C there is a transition between the two forms of selenium - the vitreous form
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Unformatted text preview: and the gray form. The entropy of the former is 7.40 cal/mol-K, and that of the latter is 10.04 cal/mol-K. Assume that the entropy change is independent of temperature. Calculate the free energy change for the conversion of 1 mol of vitreous selenium to gray selenium at 25 ° C. Which is the stable form at 25 ° C? 4. SVN7 10.5 5. SVN7 10.9 part (b) 6. SVN7 10.27 7. One mole each of n-butane and n-pentane are charged into a container. The container is heated to 180 ° F, where the pressure reads 100 psia. Determine the quantities and compositions of the phases in the container....
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