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ChE 313 - Summer 2006 – PS4 – Quiz Monday 6/5/06 1. SVN7 problem 6.3 2. SVN7 problem 6.5 3. SVN7 problem 6.6 4. The PVT behavior of some compressible liquids can be approximated by the function ( 29 RT b V P = - , where b is a species-dependent constant. Assume C V is independent of temperature. Show that: (a) U is a function of T only. (b) γ is a constant. (c) For a mechanically reversible process, ( 29 b V P - =constant. (d) C P is independent of pressure. (e) The temperature increases in an adiabatic throttling process.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Over a limited range of conditions, a fluid has an isothermal compressibility ( 29 T P V V T T φ θ κ + = ∂ ∂-= 1 and a volume expansivity (or coefficient of thermal expansion) ( 29 P T V V P P ξ η β + = ∂ ∂ = 1 , where , , , and are constants. Find the equation of state these relationships imply....
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