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The term "addiction" is diluted with it's applied to situations of gambling, sex, and internet the recognizable symptoms are mainly compulsive involved behaviors. The behavior symptoms include withdrawal, excessive use, loss of interest in other activities that do not involve the addiction, and avoidance of life's priorities. Addiction when applied to drug or alcohol it involves all of these symptoms, but also include biological dependence or destruction. In gambling, sex, and internet it seems it's more psychological addiction rather than a biological addicition or need. The complusive behavior toward these addicitions are satisfying the anxiousness and need to relief it. Gambling is satisifying the need to win, sex it satisifying the need for pleasure, and internet is satisfying the need of curisoity or the comfortable need to do occupy oneself. With these addiction one can not have such strong withdrawal where one may
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Unformatted text preview: experience physical pain from bodily organ disfunction. When addiction is used as a clinical term it is referencing a illness that a progression of a disease. A point of confustion for chemical dependency treatment professionals from other addictions can create problems by trying to understand if the patient may be dependent on a chemical through contineous exposure or would be out of habit due to the complusive behavior. It would be difficult to treat a patient with multiple addictions because it would hard to identify the underlying problem. If the patient maybe dependent on the chemical or just fulfilling a need or a habit. It some cases it may be easier to treat if one's body isn't physically dependent. But the problem would be what to treat first, either the chemical dependency or the other addiction problem....
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