Q2.sample - a standing wave what would be the spacing between nodes(d Write the equation of a wave that superposed with this one would produce a

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Physics 133 Sample Quiz Name_________________________________ Recitation Instructor (circle one): Able Baker Charlie Easy Fox George QUIZ #2 (1) A transverse, string wave is described by: y = (20 mm) sin[(2.0 rad/m) x + (16 rad/s) t] where x and y are in meters and t is in seconds. (a) What is the wave speed and direction? (b) What is the transverse velocity of the string at x = 0 m when t = 10 ms? (c) If this wave were superposed with an otherwise identical wave going the opposite direction to make
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Unformatted text preview: a standing wave, what would be the spacing between nodes? (d) Write the equation of a wave that, superposed with this one, would produce a wave with an amplitude of 5.0 mm. (2) A string wave propagates in the +x direction . The graph on the right shows the displacement of a particle on the string as a function of time at position x = 0. Which graph below best gives the displacement as a function of position at t = 0? y x (a ) y x (b ) y x (c ) y x (d ) y t...
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