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Physics 133 Sample Quiz Name_________________________________ Recitation Instructor (circle one): Able Baker Charlie Easy Fox George QUIZ #5 Problem 1. In a two-slit interference experiment, the m=2 bright spot is found to be 3.0 mm away from the m = 0 bright spot when 750 nm light is used in air. The distance between the slits and the observing screen is 1.0 m. If the experiment is performed in oil with n=1.85, what should the slit spacing be to
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Unformatted text preview: maintain the distance between the m=2 and m=0 bright spots at 3.0 mm? Problem 2. Light ( λ =800 nm) enters a 300 nm thick glass plate at an angle of 45 o . The index of refraction of the glass is 1.4. What is the phase difference between the waves entering and leaving the glass plate? (Hint: You need to take refraction into account.)...
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