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q4.sample - A small rock is between two plane mirrors as...

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Physics 133 Sample Quiz Name_________________________________ Recitation Instructor (circle one): Able Baker Charlie Easy Fox George QUIZ #4 Problem 1. A positive lens is placed a distance D to the right of the negative lens. The final system image is 620 mm to the right of the positive lens, the same size as the arrow and pointing down. What is D? Problem 2.
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Unformatted text preview: A small rock is between two plane mirrors as shown. Multiple images of the rock will appear in each mirror. What are the image distances of the two images closest to the rock in mirror #2? (The images will not show the same view of the rock. That’s okay. You can report positive values (magnitudes) if you wish.) f = -100 300 mm arrow 1 m 2 m #1 #2...
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