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Section 5.9 pg 5

Section 5.9 pg 5 - Sectlun 5.9 http:ffwww.webasslg n.net.l...

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Unformatted text preview: Sectlun 5.9 http:ffwww.webasslg n.net..l' 4 ffififl-fih, {1:3 I!- {a} Use the Trapezeidal RLle ta appreximate Ihe given integral with lhe specified value at :1. {Give yeur answer street in six deelmal planes} 1133555.: 1.?32fi5 {b} Use the Mimai'lt Rule to approximate the gluten Integral with the speell'ied Iinlallue at n- {Give your answer aarreet tr.- su: deeln'ial planes} 1.?BT42TH’ 1.?BT42T {e} Use Simpsan's Flute te appraxln'iate the given integal wilt-I Ihe specified Iu'flue at it. {Give your answer aarreet tn six deelmal planes} 1.??2142u’ 1.??2142 sarzpaints [SEtaInfilfiflfu'i.I 5.9.24] A radar gun was used to reeerd the speed at a ninner duflng the first 5 seaancls at a raae [see he table}. Use Simpsan’s Rule ta estimate the dstanae the rmner eevered dunng Ihase 5 seaands- 44.1”!“ 44.?r I'I'l 5 {If E 4,.“113’03 hit-5 PH ...
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