568 - Mathematics 568 Au, Wi, Sp, Su (1st Term)...

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Math 568 2008-2009 Mathematics 568 3 cr. Introductory Linear Algebra I Au, Wi, Sp, Su (1st Term) Prerequisite: Mathematics 254. Not open to students with credit for 571. Catalog Description: The n-dimensional Euclidean space and its subspaces; matrices as mappings; matrix algebra; systems of equations; determinants; dot product; geometric interpretations. Purpose of Course: Math 568 is a concrete introduction to linear algebra for (mathematically unsophisticated) students who have completed a four-quarter Calculus sequence, and serves as their introduction to Mathematics as a deductive discipline. This being the case, proofs that are computational in nature, that provide a computation, procedure or algorithm that can be readily employed by such students, are strongly preferred. However, the text does have many True/False problems requiring brief (justification)/(counter-example), as well as concrete problems requiring an understanding of the machinery and results that have been developed. Such problems should be included regularly in
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This note was uploaded on 10/18/2009 for the course MATH 568 taught by Professor White during the Spring '08 term at Ohio State.

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568 - Mathematics 568 Au, Wi, Sp, Su (1st Term)...

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