Exam1Sample - CHE 2120 Exam 1 Sample 1(21 pts Please answer...

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1 CHE 2120 – Exam 1 Sample 1. (21 pts) Please answer the questions below by selecting either (a) one of the answers provided. i. The following orders can be included in a Taylor Series Expansion of a non-linear function to generate a linear approximation for the function: a. 0 th order b. 1 st o r d e r c. 2 nd order d. Both 0 th and 1 st order e. The 0 th , 1 st , and 2 nd order terms can all be included ii. A Taylor Series approximation for a function which includes the 0 th and 1 st order terms will have an error that is on the order of the step size raised to what power: a. 0 b . 1 c. 2 d. 3 e. None of the above iii. Which of the following statements concerning Gaussian Elimination methods for solving linear systems of equations (i.e. Ax=b) is true: a. Gaussian elimination requires more computations than does using the matrix inverse method to compute x=A -1 b. b. Partial pivoting should generally be used to help avoid division by zero errors and round- off errors during elimination. c. Gauss-Jordan is more computationally efficient than is Gaussian elimination with back substitution. d. Scaling helps to eliminate round-off errors when two coefficients in the same equation are of dramatically different magnitudes. iv. You form an ODE initial value problem for a chemical reaction. One reaction rate is very fast and another is very slow. You have the choice of using an implicit method or an explicit method. Which statement is most accurate? a. You should use an implicit method. b. You should use an explicit method. c. You may use either method. d. You should not use either method.
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2 v. You are offered a series of credit cards in the mail with terms and interest rates listed below. Please select the one on which you would pay the lowest amount of interest in the span of the first year if
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Exam1Sample - CHE 2120 Exam 1 Sample 1(21 pts Please answer...

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