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ChBE 3110, Fall Semester, 2009 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II Problem Set One 1. One mole of an ideal gas ( C p = 7R/2 ) in a closed piston/cylinder is compressed from T = 100ºK, P = 0.1 MPa to a final pressure P = 0.7 MPa by the following pathways. For each pathway, calculate U, H, Q and W . (a) isothermal (b) constant volume (c) adiabatic. 2. Air at 30 o C and 2MPa flows at steady-state in a horizontal pipeline with a velocity of 25 m/s. It passes through a throttle valve where the pressure is reduced to 0.3 MPa. The pipe is the same diameter upstream and downstream of the valve. What is the outlet temperature and velocity of the gas? Assume air is an ideal gas with a temperature-
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Unformatted text preview: independent C p = 7R/2 , and the average molecular weight of air is 28.8. 3. Steam at 500 bar and 500 º C undergoes a throttling expansion to 1 bar. What will be the temperature of the team after the expansion? What would be the downstream temperature if the steam were replaced by an ideal gas, C p /R = 7/2 ? 4. N.B. Vargaftik (1975) lists the following experimental values for the specific volume of isobutene at 175 o C. Compute theoretical values and their percent deviations from experiment by (a) the generalized charts (b) the Peng-Robinson equation P (atm) 10 20 35 70 V (cm 3 /g) 60.7 27.79 13.36 3.818...
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