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ChBE 3110, Fall Semester, 2009 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II Problem Set Two 1. P-xylene is an important feedstock for terephthallic acid for polyester. Sometimes it is extracted directly from aromatic fractions of petroleum, but sometimes it is synthesized from the disproportionation of toluene. CH 3 CH 3 2 CH 3 + a) What is the standard heat of reaction at 298ºK? b) What is the heat of reaction if this reaction is run at 600ºK? 2. An equimolar liquid mixture of acetylene and acetone is burned with 20% excess air furnished at 298ºK.
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Unformatted text preview: a) What is the composition of the resulting mixture? b) If the process is adiabatic, what is the temperature of the resulting mixture? 3. Steam undergoes a state change from 450 ° C and 3.5 MPa to 150 ° C and 0.3 MPa. Determine H and S using: a) steam table data b) ideal gas assumptions (Be sure to use the ideal gas heat capacity for water) 4. At ambient pressure, benzene has a freezing point of 5ºC. At what pressure would benzene have a freezing point of 25 ° C?...
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