115 Fall 09 Day One Post

115 Fall 09 Day One Post - DRAMATURGY [Playwriting

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DRAM 115– Class One: The Breakfast Club Both Theatre and Course like The Breakfast Club – sites of live shared experience marked by intimacy and presence – each affirming our potential through live communication, storytelling, and reflection for building community and achieving personal growth and change. A) GOALS: Dual Focus on DRAMATIC LITERATURE & THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE Playwriting as independent art form in own right, and texts as pretexts for fulfillment, completion, realization in production. How meaning is created both on the page and on the stage. Combination = informed interpretation + richer experience. B) MEANS: SCRIPT ANALYSIS, with particular focus on relationships between: C) METHOD CONTEXT [Historical-Social/Cultural-Political-Aesthetic-Biographical]
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Unformatted text preview: DRAMATURGY [Playwriting Practices-Genre-Structure-Style] THEATRE PRACTICE [Architecture-Production Arts-Audiences] CONDITIONS & CONVENTIONS [Drama & Theatre] TRADITION & INNOVATION [Relationships Across Course & Individual Fulfillment/Achievements] * So, like theatre, TEXT ORIENTED but not exclusively TEXT-CENTRIC course. 2) Upcoming: THREE Self-Contained Introductory Classes (no reading) First Play: next FRI SEPT. 4 (Sophocles Antigone ) Priorities: Visit BLACKBOARD site for Syllabus and Course Requirements review. Purchase a DDA PRIVILEGE CARD at the Bulls Head Bookshop by FRI SEPT 18 (sale deadline). Details on Card Purchase, Use, Applicable Performance Dates, etc. on BLACKBOARD under ASSIGNMENTS link. Welcome to the Course!...
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115 Fall 09 Day One Post - DRAMATURGY [Playwriting

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