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August 29 notes (medea)

August 29 notes (medea) - Medea Notes Medea 431 BC o Medea...

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August 29, 2008 Medea Notes Medea - 431 BC o Medea has desire for revenge and payback for betrayal Relates to movie clip b/c both women are being left and feel betrayed and look back on all the time they wasted and things they’ve lost o Medea takes more lethal and quite road towards revenge Using smarts and not have the extreme of “spontaneous combustion” Plans to hurt both her and her husband (killing kids) o Heroine in literary works Normally extremely passionate Very willful that when they choose course of action they follow it through despite cost Are raised above and apart from other characters b/c of extremity passion and willfulness Go to extremes to follow will o Medea left two families to help him Helped with getting golden fleece Killed her own brother (chopped him up)
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Convinced Jason’s cousins to kill their own father Devoted to Jason and will do anything for him Now he’s leaving for younger woman with more power and prestige Wants to really hit him where it hurts She isn’t welcome anywhere so she must attempt to find a place to go after her acts of evil Has divine elements in own right Granddaughter of sun-god Helios Evil energies are being used against her husband now and herself (energies from acts such as the previous murders she committed) She is frustrated at beginning b/c she has nowhere to go She is a woman which is another difficulty for her– expected to be subservient to men and treated like property (Jason attempts to capitalize on this fact) First encounter Medea just wailing offstage and realize the toll of her suffering (side of Medea feeling powerless and helpless) o Jason’s rationale for leaving: Giving their boys a place in the royal family Giving them a secure place in life Doing it for Medea’s ultimate benefit and giving children a better life
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August 29 notes (medea) - Medea Notes Medea 431 BC o Medea...

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