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Lysistrata notes - D rama 115 Lysistrata Opens with...

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Drama 115 Lysistrata Opens with Lysistrata waiting for other women to discuss big plan o Unhappy b/c women are taking a long time Lysistrata tells Kolonike* the future of Greece is in women’s hands Says they will use clothes and beauty as their arsenal Women finally show up and ask why she has called the meeting o Lysistrata reveals her plan to save Greece: the women must give up sex o Women say there is no way they could deal with that b/c there’s nothing like it and Lysistrata feels their response is disgraceful and feels it’s no wonder men write tragedies about them o Spartan woman, lampito agrees, and then other women joing o Women must stay pretty and provoke sexual passion in men but not give it up in the end o Feel they can convince their men but that the Athenian men will have more trouble b/c they have a passion for war and all the money in acropolis for war in Athena’s temple – Lysistrata says it has already been taken care of o Women agree and decide to take oath form jar of wine (couldn’t do peace oath on shield) Swear to lead men on and not give in but if forced to they agree to not take pleasure in it
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o Women often say “by Aphrodite”? Old Women have taken over acropolis Old men are coming with logs and torches and fire to burn/smoke the women out o Can’t make journey so they put logs down and plan to smoke women
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Lysistrata notes - D rama 115 Lysistrata Opens with...

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