September 15 (midsummers night dream)

September 15 (midsummers night dream) - makes us do •...

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September 15, 2008 Perspectives in Western Drama A Midsummer’s Nights Dream o Sources of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream: Greek Mythology Set in Athens Theseus and Hipolyta are main characters and were from Greek Mythology Italian Romance Ordeal with the four lovers Elizabethan Social Life See in working class (quince, bottom, actors/workers) English Folklore Fairytale, fairy king and queen o Character clusters Athenian Court 4 Lovers Mechanicals – working class laborers
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Satire of how Shakespeare looks back at pre-professional tradition when actors were amateurs Think of literalness of what art has to have (must have moonlit night to have mood) is maybe Shakespeare making fun of them Fairy Kingdom o Moods/themes Love What it
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Unformatted text preview: makes us do • Helps and harms us Dreams • What dreams are and how much substance/reality they have and represent Play Art o TRUTH vs. ILLUSION Uncertainty and confusion • Examine stability of reality and self-understanding Illusion created for one another - Oberon using love potion to confuse characters Strict society is presented to characters with laws so couple flies out of Athens to woods to fulfill basic art of bad place at first then going to temporary world to free things up o Opens with a little drama of Hermia maybe being executed if not abiding by her father’s wishes o Helen and Hermia – similar names maybe link with things to come and similarities they have with one another...
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September 15 (midsummers night dream) - makes us do •...

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