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10 05 09 - DRAMA 115 FIRST DAY AFTER EXAM ONE Today’s...

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Unformatted text preview: DRAMA 115- FIRST DAY AFTER EXAM ONE 10/05/09 Today’s films: Star Wars, Horror of Dracula and Enemy of the State Unit two- melodrama to modern drama • “NOTHING MELLOW ABOUT IT” • Melodrama- third main genre o “kind, type” • The world of melodrama o From French melo-drame, -“music-drama” Popular, escapist, sentimental Popular- intended to grab a wide and diverse audience • Does this by trying to get to our feelings, not about defining points of human condition but offers an accessible experience, heightened plain of experience Escapist- exist on higher scale of character and action Sentimental- appeal towards our feelings more than power of thought • Themes tend to be easily assimilated, not investigating gray areas • Level is just emotional, not deeper o Sharp distinct conflict between side clearly in right and side clearly in wrong o Clear cut morality Virtue always triumphs and evil is ultimately always exposed and punished o Whole characters Do not suffer deep internal conflict (not like Medea) o External conflict Focus on plot, what is the next situation characters will find themselves in • Not exploring depth in terms of character, forward motion and progress with changes in story line • Between characters, clear right and wrong • Chase scenes, example o Vivid, immediate, effective experience o Focus on plot o Emotional appeal o Restores status quo • A lot of sub-genres of melodramatic drama (martial arts, crime, reality tv) September 29, 2008 Drama 115 • Big changes in 19 th and 20 th century • Realism and alternatives to realism • Vocabulary o Genre : “kind”, “type” Tragedy Comedy Melodrama o Melodrama Misnomer – NOTHING MELLOW ABOUT IT...
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10 05 09 - DRAMA 115 FIRST DAY AFTER EXAM ONE Today’s...

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