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10 14 09 - W(U)MP There It Is Topics/Points of Focus...

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10/14/09 W(U)MP, There It Is! Topics/Points of Focus DRAMATIC LITERATURE AND THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE FORM AND CONTEXT IN SCRIPT ANALYSIS Context Dramaturgy Theater practice Conditions and conventions Tradition and innovation PLOT CHARACTER THEME LANGUAGE ACTING STAGECRAFT ***FOCUS ON THIS ABOVE STUFF FOR THE PAPER, DIFFERENCES OF THESE IN TWO DIFFERENT PLAYWRIGHTS*** Melodrama Good and bad is obvious, obvious hero and villain A Doll House has some of this but it is not only this o IBSEN- father of modern drama, puts realism on world map as new form and style o Beyond potential melodrama, more realistic (realism) o How? Complex characters Internal conflict and division o Did she do the wrong thing? Questioning herself? Did I do my family harm by trying to save it? Thinks about suicide by potential way out of predicament (wouldn’t happen in melodrama) Maintain illusion of everyday life on stage (it would be expressionist production if literal dollhouse with her behind bars) o Not this- it looks real, looks like a real house, persuade audience and minimize theatricality by maximizing illusionism on stage How else is A Doll House not a melodrama? DIVIDED characters o Krogstad- needs his job, needs money but needs to support his family Real conflicts INTERNAL Moral/Ethical AMBIGUITY o Broke law, do the time (Krogstad), law doesn’t inquire into motives Nora never questioned this until now with her violation
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GOAL: freedom from bondage of ILLUSIONS Beyond easy assumptions of melodrama, more complicated ----19 TH CENTURY DRAMA----- Society Middle Class Audience
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10 14 09 - W(U)MP There It Is Topics/Points of Focus...

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