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Water Measurement Su09 - BRAE 340 Irrigation Water...

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1 Lab WM: Water Measurement 2009 BRAE 340 Irrigation Water Management Water Measurement Name: ______________________________ Day: ____________ Time: ___________ Introduction : The goal of this lab is to give you some experience with different types of water measurement devices. Water measurement is important, it is difficult to manage a resource if you have no idea how fast (flow rate) or how much (volume) of the resource has been used. Irrigation districts in many cases must be able to measure water in order to deliver and bill for the correct amount. Farmers must understand flow rate and volumes to effectively manage their irrigation systems. As you work with the different devices, think about how each measurement might be more or less accurate than the others, and under what conditions this might be so. Read the instructions and questions below before you go out to the field. Lab Preparation (lecture): • Class participation. Approximately 40 to 50 minutes will be used by the instructor in providing the needed background information. The amount and quality of your class notes will be used to evaluate your participation. The notes must be turned in with your lab write-up at the end of lab. • Asking question is also a very important form of class participation. Field Work: • Divide into small groups (3-4). Groups should separate, with each one starting at a different measuring site. While the canal is still dry, take all the measurements necessary to describe the size of that device. • The instructor will start the flow through the canal and adjust the valve at the metering gate as necessary. • Once the flow rate has stabilized, starting at the top of the “canal” and take the measurements necessary to estimate the flow through each device. • Do not adjust any valves. This will cause a temporary flow rate fluctuation, which will cause errors
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Water Measurement Su09 - BRAE 340 Irrigation Water...

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