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Water Institutions_Handout

Water Institutions_Handout - BRAE 340 Irrigation Water...

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BRAE 340 - Irrigation Water Management Water Institutions Local Institutions Irrigation/Water Districts Governed by a Board of Directors Formal association of water users Purpose Formation governed by State law Powers of the District Enforcement by local Sheriff Typical budget is $ millions per year Staff Non-profit, but can maintain a cash reserve Membership is NOT voluntary May produce energy too NOTE : For the most part, individuals do not have water rights, they are held by the District for the members of the District Other Water Management Districts Drainage districts Drain water disposal Ground water management districts State Institutions SWRCB - State Water Resources Control Board Makes decisions regarding water rights, water allocations Water quality as well as quantity Politically appointed Board Resolve water fights Bay-Delta hearings Adopted water quality standards for Delta in May 1995 Requires that ALL through-Delta water transfers undergo environmental assessment
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