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BRAE 340 Irrig. Water Management Name: Solution Key HW 3 - Water Institutions and Issues (only odd numbered problems will be graded) Prob. 1-20: To which of the water institutions listed below does each descriptive phrase best apply? A) US Army Corps of Engineers B) EPA (Federal) C) SWRCB D) DWR E) USBR F) CALFED G) Irrigation District [G] 1. Governed by an elected Board of Directors [D] 2. Deals with California's water related administrative issues [C] 3. Requires environmental assessment for all through-Delta water transfers [E] 4. Formed in 1902 as a branch of the Department of the Interior [A] 5. Federal builder of flood control projects, which are often used for irrigation as well [G] 6. Purpose is to obtain and distribute water [D] 7. Organized and operated California's 1991 Drought Water bank [F] 8. Cooperative group of Federal and State water-related agencies [C] 9. Must balance consumptive and in-stream water uses [G] 10. Formal association of water users, formation governed by State law [G] 11. Has power to levy taxes [C] 12. Requires sufficient water for in-stream uses [E] 13. Builder of projects with acreage limitations for water users [D] 14. Operates the CIMIS program in California, provides ETo estimates [C] 15. Adopted water quality standards for Delta in May 1995 [E] 16. Developed and operates the CVP [E] 17. Subsidized Federal water projects to promote development of the West [B] 18. Administers the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. [D] 19. Does water-related planning for California [F] 20. Group of agencies that work together to set Bay-Delta water quality standards [B] 21. If a field needs 3 inches per week during peak season for ET; the field size is 64 acres; and the IE = 73 %. How much water should be applied by the irrigation system? A) 65.7 ac-ft B) 59.9 ac-ft C) 48.9 ac-ft D) 53.3 ac-ft E) 74.2 ac-ft Solution: [due to my error, none of the answers given is correct - no penalty to students] gross depth = net / (IE/100) = 3 in/wk / (73/100) = 4.11 in/wk volume = depth x area = 4.11 in/wk x 64 acres = 263.01 ac-in/wk = 21.92 ac-ft/wk
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HW03.key - BRAE 340 Irrig. Water Management HW 3 - Water...

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