HW2.key - BRAE 340 Irrig. Water Management HW 2 - Water...

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BRAE 340 Irrig. Water Management Name: HW 2 - Water Definitions, Supply, Budget and Rights (only odd numbered problems will be graded) Problems 1-10: For each numbered item at the left, pick the best match from the choices below. [B] 1. Subordinate Right [I] 2. Adjudicate [L] 3. Superior Right [C] 4. Article X, Sect. 2, Calif. Const. [K] 5. Watershed [A] 6. Wright Act, 1887 [J] 7. Usufructuary Right [E] 8. Aquifer [D] 9. Wheeling [H] 10. License A) Also known as the Irrigation District Law, allowed formation of local irrigation districts. B) Lower in priority than superior rights. Can only be satisfied with water leftover after sup. rights. C) Establishes "reasonable and beneficial" standard for water use. D) Water agencies' agreement to move water between them (direct conveyence system need not exist). E) Underground rock, gravel or sand which stores and conveys water through pore spaces. F) Bring a dispute before an arbitrator to achieve an out-of-court solution. G) Mandated the formation of the State Department of Water Resources. H) An official document giving permission to appropriate water. I) Establish in court the priority, amount and/or share of the rights to water from a particular source. J) A right to use the water, but not to own the fluid itself. K) Area determined by topography contributing to a particular surface water source (stream,lake, etc.). L) Higher in priority than subordinate rights.
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HW2.key - BRAE 340 Irrig. Water Management HW 2 - Water...

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