01-Domestic Water Use F09

01-Domestic Water Use F09 - BRAE 340 Irrigation Water...

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BRAE 340 - Irrigation Water Management Estimated Annual Water Use Due: September 28/29, 2009 Name: Date: Introduction : The goal of this lab is to introduce you to the volume and value of “Domestic Water Use” in California. Part I : Using the following data sheet and the “Water Facts” tables in “BRAE 340 Irrigation Water Management ” estimate the volume of water required to produce, process, and cook the food consumed by you during a five-day period. It is likely that you might consume some food or beverages that are not on the list. You may use one of two approaches to fill in the required information: 1) Select an item from the “list” that is similar or, 2) Find an additional source for the required information. Extra credit will be given for additional sources of information used in completing this portion of the assignment. Part II: Water used in the following categories: Kitchen, Bath, Laundry, and Other. Using the following tables record your water use in each of the categories. The Water Saver Home web page http://www.h2ouse.org should be used for the basic data such as the shower flow rate, the volume of water used by a dishwasher, clothes washer, etc. You are encouraged to measure flow rates where possible. Part III: Computations. Extrapolate the five-day water use to determine an estimate of your annual water use. Estimate the annual water use for the California’s total population. Make sure to site the source used for the state’s current population. What is the value of the
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01-Domestic Water Use F09 - BRAE 340 Irrigation Water...

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