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Sales Class Homework Assignment - your presentation) 6)...

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Sales Class Homework Assignment Team Selling Presentation Outline Each team should brainstorm with all members the type of selling situation you will want to use for your team presentation. This should include the following topics: 1) Decide between selling to a business (B2B) vs. a consumer (B2C) 2) Decide on the product or service being sold 3) Choose roles for each team member to play, i.e. a. Buyer b. Seller c. Gatekeeper d. Influencer 4) Choose personality styles of key roles, i.e. Feeler, Intuitor, etc. 5) Discuss how the communication process (encoding, decoding, etc. will impact
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Unformatted text preview: your presentation) 6) Discuss how you will prospect for customers 7) Discuss your Features and Benefits 8) Discuss your competitor, company and product knowledge 9) Discuss your sales objectives Please write a one page summary of your initial plans covering each of the topics above. Bullets and/or an outline format work well for this. Be sure to include a cover sheet. This is due on Monday, October 12 th at the beginning of class. Wiley...
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