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Agricultural Communications JOUR 205 – 4 units Fall 2009 California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, CA Instructor: Richard Gearhart Lecture/Act: Monday & Wednesday 11:10-1:00, Friday 12:10-1:00 - Room 35-111B Office: 10-235 Phone: 756-6106 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: M 1:10p-4:00p & F 8:10a-10:00a Course Description: JOUR 205 Agricultural Communication (4) Survey of the media of agricultural communication. Newspaper farm pages and sections, general and specialized agricultural magazines. Radio and TV farm broadcasts. Public and private agencies involved in agricultural communication. Role of California minorities in agriculture. Writing on agriculture-related issues. 3 lectures, 1 activity . Required Texts: The Associated Press Stylebook – 2005 or newer Tentative Schedule of Topics (I reserve the right to change the schedule as appropriate): 9/23 Introduction, Orientation, Assignments, Grading Quiz 9/25 Work Day Explanation – Set up blogs 9/28 News Story Basics – AP Style/leads/writing review/”what is news?” Activity: Computer orientation/writing leads/short paragraph about your background and your involvement with agriculture if any. Due: 9/30 9/30 Blogging/Podcasting – What is it? Activity: Check out blogging sites Assignment 2 in class: Blog (class reflection) 10/2 Poster Presentation – description/lecture 10/5 History of Agricultural Communication/Interviewing basics – Asking the right questions Activity: Interview a classmate Assignment 3 in class – write a short feature on classmate (including quote) 10/7 Communicating about agriculture to the general public – The Changing face of agriculture (ch.2) 10/9 Poster/Video Work Day
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10/12 Crisis/Risk Communication – What to say when something goes wrong 10/14 Field Trip?
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