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FA2008 - CHEM 140A (Functional Groups)

FA2008 - CHEM 140A (Functional Groups) - THHLE...

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Unformatted text preview: THHLE 2-3 [llllllllll functinnl Balms Guam-HI clans Album Halnalkanes AIBOIwIs Thiols Alkem Alkym Emu-Julie compounds Aldehyde-s Cathylic acids Anhydrides Amides Nitdles Amines Cultural 5(an R—H R—§§ux=1=,c1,ar,u R—OH .- R—ié—R' 0 R—EH m1 Egmn \Rll-I) (HIR (HIR— EC—RIHZI Tm) (H’Rxfi/Ch$/R{H) C (HIR’ ‘féc‘mm mm H R— C—H : II}: R— é—R’ 0 o I a ll .- R—c—g—H :0: :0: || -- i! R—C—Q—C—R’fl-l) “I11: {HJR—c—fi—R' 3 (if: R—cnfi—R'm) | R'TH) R— (ZEN: R—fé—a'u-n "(HJ Functimll 3mm Nan: _§§: Emplt CHJCH1CH2CHB Butane CHJCI-lz {a}: m T (043120- E“ M ml alcohol) CH3CH1-é—CH3 Murat-Is (EM nth}! all" mag-{sh W CH;.\ C =CH1 CH3” LMullylpmp-I C HC'i/ N?“ HCEc‘fCI-I H mm mil-me) : (“1| : CHgCl-hCH Pup-Ill : O: A CH3CH CHICHICI'Ia Lila-none : C“): CH3CH2C§H Pup-mi: null : 0: :0 t .. II cmcflgurgccuac'Ha Wmm 3 (I?! CH3CHIC§CH3 ! . . CH3CH1CH1CNH; mm (fl-[SEEN : mam (had-MINI!) (CHJBN ‘ Nfl-ulllllhflllmm manna} ...
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