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SOCE 145 04.24.08 - [email protected] email Thursday...

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[email protected] -- email Thursday 4/24 Violence and Women o Jackman: a “generic theory” o Hind: a feminist view of violence by women o White: the ‘medicalization’ of sexual violence Essay is due on Tuesday, May 6 What about the role of women and violence? The three readings are by feminist -- women are victims of sexually violence by males Each of them tries to clarify relation of women being women and violence Women have power to influence the world Men control the world, make their own destiny, shape their environment These readings are united on the idea that women have control of their destinies as men o Women should be in charge of their own destiny o History portrays women as victim of violence o What men do to women o It is something that is received to women Want to: o Women are the victims of violence o Women are the agent of their own destinies and capable of violence too Jackman - a generic theory o Violence is anything that threaten to harm o All violence is violence Hind o Wants to develop a recognition that women can be aggressively violent as men White
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o The image of women as victims and clients - maintain the image of women as the subject of violence because it is profitable to lawyers, doctors o When W are unable to look after themselves, the medical establishments livelihood depends on helpless women Jackman o Part 1 - Review of the difficulties of measuring violence o The biggest problem in social research is the state authority, different standards o Only a small amount of women report violence o Violence of women takes the form of sexually assault o Violence of women involved abuse by the spouses high violence of women This could destroy a family There are numerous reason why women don’t report this violence o Part 2 - Review the research on violence against women - literature relationship between 1. Most of the literature focuses on interpersonal violence and ignore the large scale corporate violence against women Interpersonal violence is murder, rape, physically assault
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SOCE 145 04.24.08 - [email protected] email Thursday...

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