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Humanities SG - H umanities Study Guide Vocabula ry/Latin...

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Humanities Study Guide Vocabulary/Latin 1. History : the past events of a period in time 2. PAX Romana - The Roman peace 3. Do ut des - I give so that you may give 4. Civilization civilitas (civility) civitas (city) 5. Paganus - no civilization, rustic 6. Contra - “a city facing Italy” a. Facing (geographical) b. On the other hand (alternative) c. Against/opposed in the military sense 7. Gentiles - non-Jewish people 8. Evocation - summoning other gods to help out 9. Divi filius - son of a god 10. Monotheists - belief in a single God 11. Synagogues - house of worship for Jewish congregation 12. Pharisees - traditional conservators of Hebrew scriptures 13. Sadducees - group of priests who control the temple of Jerusalem and do not believe in the idea of resurrection of the dead 14. Aramaic - the spoken language of the Jews 15. Messiah - an anointed, holy chosen one; also called christ 16. Aug Divi Filius - “son of God” 17. Theology - the study of religion 18. Theological - based upon the nature and will of God as revealed to humans 19. Extracanonical gospel - early text written about Jesus that is not in the NT a. Extracanonical - outside the canon (rules)
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20. Synoptic gospel - tells the story of Jesus’ life and ministry from a similar POV and are similar in structure 21. Annunciation - the announcement by the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary of her conception of Christ 22. Apocalypse - the idea that the world is going to end 23. Apocalyptic - a moment where everything exists and a moment where everything doesn’t exist
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Humanities SG - H umanities Study Guide Vocabula ry/Latin...

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