FA2008 - CHEM 6BL - Experiment 2

FA2008 - CHEM 6BL - Experiment 2 - CHEM 6BL Experiment 2:...

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CHEM 6BL Experiment 2: Volumetric Analysis of An Organic Acid Instructor: Dr. S. Berniolles Safety Exam Schedule Reminders If you failed or missed the safety exam: “makeup” on Thursday, Oct. 9, 7 am in York 2722 (Safety Contact: Sheila Kennedy 858-534-0221) There will be NO MAKE-UP OF THE MAKE-UP! NO EXCEPTIONS! Review session on Wednesday, Oct. 8, Natural science Building 3211, 6-7:30 PM Lab Report Format Abstract Introduction Experimental (≠ Prelab Procedure) Results (Data, Obs., Calcs. ≠ Raw Data) Discussion See Lab Manual- Gen. Info- P. 18-19 + Lab Report/Excel Guides posted on WebCT Analytical Chemistry Fundamental branch of chemistry that involves either: o Identifying the components that make up a compound ( qualitative analysis ) Determining the specific amount of a compound ( quantitative analysis ) Experiment 2: Volumetric Analysis Known volumes of known concentrations reacted with known volumes of unknowns From reaction equation, relate to moles Common analytical technique: Titration (use of a buret) Experiment #2 uses Volumetric Analysis Volumetric Analysis: Titration Titration with a Buret o Titrant : known concentration of reactant - Volume delivered measured in buret o Analyte : known volume of unknown - Need to determine concentration Need “ indicator ” for acid-base titrations 1
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Volumetric Analysis: Titration Titrations o Acid-Base titrations ( Exp’t #2 ) o Redox titrations ( Exp’t #4B ) Looking for the “ stoichiometric point
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FA2008 - CHEM 6BL - Experiment 2 - CHEM 6BL Experiment 2:...

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