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1 UGBA 104: Analytic Decision Modeling Using Spreadsheets Assignment #1 Due: September 14 th , 2009 Turn in a hard copy of your answers. Only one submission per group (of <= 3 students). 1. Chapter 2: #13 2. Chapter 2: #15 3. Chapter 2: #16 4. Chapter 2: #22 5. Mega-Mart, a discount store chain, is to build a new store in Rock Springs. The parcel of land the company has purchased is large enough to accommodate a store with 140,000 square feet of floor space. Each department must have at least 15,000 sq. ft of floor space and no department can have more than 20% of the total floor space. Men's, women's, and children's clothing plus house wares keep all their stock on the retail floor; however, toys, electronics, and auto supplies keep some items (like bicycles,
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Unformatted text preview: televisions, and tires) in inventory. Thus, 10% of the total floor space devoted to these three departments must be set aside outside the retail area for stocking inventory. Based on marketing and demographic surveys of the area and historical data from its other stores, Mega-Mart estimates its annual profit per square foot of retail space for each of the store's departments to be as shown in the following table. Mega-Mart wants to know the floor space that should be devoted to each department in order to maximize profit. Formulate the linear programming model for Mega-Mart. Department Profit per ft^2 Men’s clothing $4.25 Women’s clothing 5.10 Children’s clothing 4.50 Toys 5.20 Housewares 4.10 Electronics 4.90 Auto Supplies 3.80...
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