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Juan Juca Home Visit Appointments Thursday, April 16, 2009 1 of 1 Address Zip Telephone Usernames/Passwords Problem Category Parent Signature Solution 51740 TERRERO MICHELLE ORTIZ GLADYS 10456 NOT AVAILABLE RETRIEVAL PC retrieved 47113 CRUZ LISVETTE CRUZ PAULA 10472 37402 MARTORAL JOSEOMAN MARTORAL* BACILLA 10457 51746 BROWN JAMARE BROWN CHRISTINE 10458 NOT AVAILABLE RETRIEVAL 29928 RAVEL KEVIN RAVEL ALFAQUENI 10458 no answer FLORES DELMIRA 10458 347.224.0089 NOT AVAILABLE RETRIEVAL Student Id # Student Last Name Student First Name RP Last Name RP First Name City, State, Appt. Time 1309 WASHINGTO N AVENUE, APT. 9D BRONX, NY 718.620.8974 917.340.8238 STUDENT IS IN THE PROCESS OF DIS- ENROLLMENT. RETRIEVE PC. Thursday, 4/16/09 b/t 4PM - 9PM CONFIRMED 1161 ELDER AVENUE, APT. A1 BRONX, NY 646.896.9397 718.893.1342 Username : lcruz5          Password : Nook.quod            Parent Email [email protected] et NEEDS MONITOR REPLACEMENT; ASSIST IN CONNECTING PC
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